So I've been censored

So I’ve been censored

December 8, 2010
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Today I set to work on something I had planned to do the last couple of days – write an article for an online newspaper in Sweden called Newsmill ( The topic of the article was the Swedish social services, and my curiosity as to their real aims. The government here has far-reaching goals concerning the development of children, stating as its intentions to make sure everyone gets to enjoy a good childhood. The actual application of state force very much puts these goals in jeopardy, however, which is why I authored this article.

After spending some two hours putting down about 2’500 words, I was delighted to be finished with the article, a bit proud of my work and sudden burst of creativity, and then I entered the article into their system, uploaded a picture of myself etc, to make it all look very good and proper. At this time I didn’t expect anything else than that my article would be available for reading on this site, especially since they take pride in describing themselves as guardians of free speech, and how important freelance contributions are in this area.

Then some 20 minutes after having sent in the article for review, I get this message back.

“Hello. Thanks for a well-written article, but since we’re not keen on publishing writing that can be interpreted as indirect allegations, we decline the text. We’ve had a couple of similar texts earlier and decided to go for a more cautious approach. Yours truly, Newsmill”

It was refused with no more than this for an explanation. I might be hot-headed at times, but I had taken great care into not coming across as too hostile in the article. My first reaction was one of shock, naturally – the joy I felt of having finished the article was suddenly gone, replaced by a bit of anguish. Is this what I can expect when I speak out against the government, simply being censored just like that? Then I start pondering just what in the article could have made them want to refuse it. Was it that I criticized the social services for caring more about profits than the well-being of children? Or that I pointed out that the administrative courts that try the errands rarely vote anything else than in the government’s favour? I’m personally mostly inclined to believe it was because I mentioned the Domenic case, which I’ve written about here. The media blackout concerning this case is complete, and I guess you don’t get published even on “free” online newspapers if you simply bring it up in passing.

A bit sad that the intended forum for my article was denied me. But I’ve decided to translate the article into English as well, so people of the world can see just what gets you censored in this totalitarian little country. This article should appear here within the next few days.

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