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Che Guevara was promoted the other day on Swedish state TV children’s program

Che Guevara Tattoo on display on the Swedish state TV

Che Guevara Tattoo on display on the Swedish state TV

Ernesto “Che” Guevara, the infamous communist revolutionary and mass murderer, was promoted on a children’s show the other day. His “claim to fame” is that he murdered thousands of captives during the Cuban revolution and was later killed trying to take over Bolivia as well, but that doesn’t seem to bother the Swedish state TV. Continue reading

Status update: My sites are now on a dedicated server

I hope the downtime and slow response times I suffered under my previous shared hosting provider didn’t turn anyone away from my sites. But so as to prevent that from happening, I’ve now gotten myself a dedicated server at a provider called OVH, one I’m very pleased with. I got myself a Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 machine on a solid 250-mbit (1 gbit download) connection with them for a measly $56 a month. Go here if you want to see their deals in the line I used.

Since the OVH server is in France, I’m leaving the An Alabama Story running on my old provider though, due to free speech reasons. But for the material I’m going to launch on my own sites in the future, I realized I really couldn’t do with the shared hosting any longer. A dedicated server is so much nicer, and it’s certainly been fun toying around with it since I bought it.

Swedish patient confidentiality = doctors using medical journals as pornography

In yesterday’s Läkartidningen, the periodical of the Swedish doctor’s association, one could read that an immigrant physician had illegally browsed patient’s journals on 177 different occasions, going through the files of individuals who weren’t even his own patients. He’s been convicted in court over this, but he still maintains employment and keeps his license in spite of this.

Continue reading

Swedish state TV aired video clip consisting of genitalia during children’s program

A video clip from a children's program on the Swedish state TV featuring a male and a female genitalia

A video clip from a children’s program on the Swedish state TV featuring a male and a female genitalia

So-called “public service” in Sweden, this time in the form of state TV Sveriges Television, really seems to be on a crusade to stamp out any morality left in society. Or simply to recover from the slump in TV ratings that their usually pro-communist programming has had to deal with through creating controversy. Continue reading

Leftist, homosexual pedophile in Sweden gets away with 2.5 years for raping a little boy

Oskar Kalm, openly homosexual minister of the Swedish Church now convicted of raping a child

Oskar Kalm, openly homosexual minister of the Swedish Church now convicted of having raped a child

In yet another blatant display of the lawlessness so prevalent in Sweden today, Uppsala tingsrätt sentenced homosexual activist Oskar Kalm to a mere 2.5 years in prison back on Tuesday for having raped a 14-year-old boy on numerous occasions. Continue reading

Feminists at the Swedish state radio make fun of the suicides of famous male authors

state_radio_feminismThe Swedish state radio is infamous for its provocative feminist stunts. This reached new heights back on Monday when a list was published that celebrated the suicide deaths of a number of famous male authors, a list that has since been taken down after it sparked massive criticism. Google still has a cached version of it though. Continue reading

In weird Sweden, a play is being staged about a 15-year-old Christian’s radicalization

The play in session

I heard just now about a play being staged at the city theatre in Malmö about religious radicalization – namely Christian radicalization. Newspaper Sydsvenskan reports about one called “Martyrer,” “Martyrs” in English, about a 15-year-old boy displaying “extreme” devotion to the Bible, and the steps the authorities take to “rectify” this “problem.” Continue reading

I was interviewed on Red Ice Radio

A few weeks ago I got invited to an interview about Sweden and my book “The Madhouse” at Red Ice Radio – it’s up now at . The first hour is available for free, whereas the second one requires you to be a member at that site. We talk about topics like immigration, the lack of free speech, statism and such, having quite a good discussion.

Setting up new website theme

I got myself an invite to Red Ice Radio, a program that will air in maybe two weeks, so for that reason I’m undertaking a way overdue makeover of my site. For this reason things might not make all that much sense here over the coming days. Then again, the site was far from perfect before either, which is why I’m changing theme. But anyway, all the blog posts will remain up at least.