But you can read Kindle books!

But you can read Kindle books!

October 29, 2010
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A couple of people have approached me and asked if there’s a way to get my book on something else than the Kindle format. It’s definitely in this book’s future being put into print, I’ll get to it as soon as I have enough endorsements to put on the covers so that it doesn’t appear too naked. I might look into other ways of distributing it in digital form as well. But for now though it’s only available in Kindle format, that’s not quite as limiting as it might seem. Amazon makes the Kindle reader software available on many different platforms – you can read these books on your PC, your iPhone, your Mac, your Blackberry, your iPad or your Android cell phone. To download books for your particular device, simply register it on your Amazon account and choose to deliver the purchase there. Amazon.com provides specific guides on how to do this for each of the devices.

The Kindle and similar devices use a special E-ink screen that displays grayscale images without using up power as long as you don’t turn a page, and a fully charged device can do several thousand page turns before it needs to be recharged through USB or similar, making it a powerful and useful technology for reading books. I can’t display very many of these devices since I don’t own them myself, but the downloadable Kindle Previewer still lets you see how a document will look on a certain device. What follows here are screenshots from this software program showing “The Madhouse” on various devices.

Portion of the table of contents on a regular Kindle:

The same table of contents on an iPhone – these devices can display colour:

A section from the book on the larger device Kindle DX:

Another section as displayed on the iPad:

Or simply the way it’s read on one’s stationary or laptop PC:

So step right up to http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0046ZS2PA/ and get your copy of my new book “The Madhouse” now! At 120’000 words, it’s a bit bigger and definitely more informative than the average book, and should be well worth the money spent.

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