The Domenic Johansson custody case

The Domenic Johansson custody case

October 28, 2010
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It’s astonishing what a complete media blackout there is in Sweden on this matter. Though a large number of major international media players have covered the story, including independent news site WorldNetDaily, the Christian Broadcasting Network, the Alliance Defense Fund and the Home School Legal Defense Association, along with countless bloggers on the net, not a single newspaper in Sweden has done so. I just now performed a search on the Swedish search engine Mediearkivet, which includes just about everything printed in Sweden, and the only hits for either “Dominic Johansson” or “Domenic Johansson” were from a couple of blogs, apart from somewhat renegade Christian news site, owned by the Swedish church Livets Ord and considered fringe media in this society. Not a single printed newspaper, and no other online news site than this one.

Though this is a Swedish matter, it’s gained almost all of its attention outside the country, and few Swedes are even aware that the government seized this child off an airplane about to leave Airlanda airpost back in June last year. It gives you food for thought as to just how media can act this way. Surely reporters must have learned of this story if they spend a significant portion of the day scrounging around for news. Why then has not a single one written about it? It’s quite obvious that Swedish media is run by the state in practice. You never get to hear anything critical concerning contemporary society, it’s very much the same as the old Soviet Pravda in this regard. Sweden has in many ways become the new Soviet Union.

If you want to learn more about Sweden, see my book “The Madhouse” up at Let’s also hope the Swedish state will release Domenic back to his parents and let him keep at least part of his childhood instead of retaining him in state custody until the day they’re forced to release him at age 18.. In ten or so years time.

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