Lägenhetsregistret - the intrusive Swedish apartment registry

Lägenhetsregistret – the intrusive Swedish apartment registry

November 19, 2010
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Since 1 November 2010, the Swedish government maintains a complete registry over all apartments in Sweden, and information about this is available on the Lantmäteriet website at http://www.lantmateriet.se/templates/LMV_Product.aspx?id=17139. This registry can be examined together with the population registration to learn about the interior of a person’s home, another registry that a resident of Sweden can’t opt out of. The population registration contains full name, personal ID number, address, unique apartment number (from the apartment registry) as well as family information. The apartment registry contains among other things this data:

  • Apartment code with which to identify the residence.
  • Number of rooms
  • Living space
  • Type of kitchen
  • Type of apartment (student residence, elder housing, disability apartment etc.)

In this registry, this information is also present about the building the apartment is in:

  • Building number in the estate registry
  • Type of building – residential, industrial etc.
  • If residential – type of such (small house, link house, terrace house etc)
  • Year when the building was constructed, rebuilt or extended)

I wonder how long it’ll be until they install networked entry systems that require you to register your identity before you’re allowed to enter your own home.

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