Dominic Johansson's father on trial today

Dominic Johansson’s father on trial today

December 20, 2010
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Today Gotland district court held its main proceedings against Christer Johansson, who’s charged with kidnapping or possibly unlawful deprivation of liberty.

The story from Gotlands tidningar, translated by me:

“Dad on trial for kidnapping

– I only wanted to see my son. That’s how the man in his 40’s explained it who was today on trial for illegally having abducted his son placed into foster care.

It was last November, when the man was meant to have had a supervised meeting with his son, that he pulled his son into his car and drove away. For a couple of days he kept his son with him before the police could arrest him.

Today the main proceedings took place at Gotland district court. The prosecution against the man was charged as kidnapping, or possibly unlawful deprivation of liberty.

The man explained his actions with having to see his son, but he doesn’t feel he’s committed any crime.

The court considers it proven that he’s committed the acts he’s been indicted for, but before a sentence and sanction is delivered, he’s to go through a major investigation by forensic psychiatry.

Hence the main proceedings won’t end for another four weeks. Until then the man remains in jail.” for the source.

If sentenced to prison, he faces at least one year. My hunches tell me they’ve already made up their minds about sentencing him to forensic psychiatric care instead, under the LRV law. For people new to this story, all Christer did was take his son back to see his relatives instead of staying with the social services. See for the full story.

Update: During a video interview with Domenic which was played in the courtroom, he says he enjoyed seeing his relatives and found the “kidnapping” a great adventure. So the person victim of this “crime” didn’t suffer any physical or psychological harm at all.

Update 2: A longer article was posted last night on the same newspaper, at It seems another person was charged with complicity in the “crime” as well, for having rented a car. Judging by the article, psychiatric care is the likely sanction. This “crime” didn’t involve any force, yet the legal representative assigned to Domenic is now suing his father for 50’000 crowns in damages, and Christer will most likely be deprived of his liberty for years to come. I believe it’s possible that the justice system has been a political pawn in this case, making sure to set an example with a man who has fought the authorities.

The real “crime” isn’t one with a victim in form of a person, but one against the state, whose authority has been questioned.

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