Swedish state TV aired video clip consisting of genitalia during children's program

Swedish state TV aired video clip consisting of genitalia during children’s program

January 10, 2015
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A video clip from a children's program on the Swedish state TV featuring a male and a female genitalia

A video clip from a children’s program on the Swedish state TV featuring a male and a female genitalia

So-called “public service” in Sweden, this time in the form of state TV Sveriges Television, really seems to be on a crusade to stamp out any morality left in society. Or simply to recover from the slump in TV ratings that their usually pro-communist programming has had to deal with through creating controversy.

It was a couple of days ago that SVT’s Barnkanalen (The Children’s Channel) first aired their music video ”Snoppen och snippan” (pet names for male and female genitalia, respectively) as part of a show called Bacillakuten. To get an idea about the intended audience, have a look at the picture on the show webpage. They appear to be around eight to ten years of age, and should certainly not be subjected to any sexually explicit content – yet thanks to the Marxist propagandists on the state TV, they had to endure very pronounced depictions of sexual organs. This has sparked an outrage among people in general, of course, yet in virtually all mass media the editors are in awe over it. Trashy tabloid nyheter24.se calls it “catchy;” Biggest tabloid Expressen calls it “a hit” and recites the song’s lyrics.

Some of the critique the state TV has faced they’ve actually listened too, however. Apparently it’s too “heteronormative” according to adherents of gender theory, who feel it’s wrong that it didn’t show couples of the same gender. To quote views from Barnkanalen’s Facebook page:

“Good initiative at its core, but sad that it’s been forgotten that not all guys have a wiener and vice versa. Children are trans people too.”

“Why does the p***y have eyelashes? This makes me so f***ing pissed off, haven’t you at PUBLIC SERVICE been educated about the strongly criticized gender stereotypes within animated movies and games??? This is exactly the kind of sick behavior Anita Sarkeesian talks about, and you’re going to show it to CHILDREN?

They’re not happy about people calling them out on it, stating that the children are being groomed for pedophiles and such. To quote one of their responses:

Hi, we take all feedback to heart, but it’s also worth pointing out that many children follow us here on Facebook so think about how you express yourselves when you don’t like something in our programming. Yours truly, Barnkanalen

So they can expose children to genitalia, but people can’t condemn them for it? As you can probably tell, there’s a reason why I call my book on Swedish society The Madhouse, for this is what it’s become.

Because of the outrage, the state TV has put up a Q&A about the video on their blog. Here they explain that the video is intended to instruct children “ages three to six” (!) in sexual matters in an upbeat way. The only critique they don’t outright dismiss is that it doesn’t capture the daily lives of cross dressers.

And this is what Swedish taxpayers are forced to pay money for…

The video on Youtube, where the numerous reports about it has caused it to be flagged as potentially offensive.

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