Single teenage mother in Sweden dresses her little boy in pink, then posts pictures on blog

Single teenage mother in Sweden dresses her little boy in pink, then posts pictures on blog

April 12, 2015
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19-year-old single mother Matilda Sohl of Vårgårda, Sweden, doesn’t have any qualms about dressing up her male toddler in a pink outfit. In fact, she believes she’s fighting a just cause posting pictures of him on her blog, in spite of the boy obviously crying.

Today’s Sweden is truly a den of iniquity, and you’re rarely surprised when people do things like these. Yet I didn’t expect it to be this obvious how uncomfortable the boy is with his mother’s looney ideas. The little boy is being deprived of his male identity at the hands of his primary caregiver, causing him to break out in tears. Not only does the mother deny him the right to a father; she also forces him to dress in pink!

Many Christian and Muslim families attempting to raise their children according to their own religion find their children being taken away from them, yet the LGBT crowd doesn’t need to worry about anything like that. If any social worker even attempts to lay a hand on their little pets, gay activists will be there on call and cry “homophobia.”

19-year-old Matilda, with her boy in a dress

While mothers dressing up their boys in girls’ clothes is the stuff of horror movies like Insidious 2, these activists fail to see any problem with it.

Something that has caused a backlash, on the other hand, is the declaration 22 charismatic pastors have made that homosexuals “likely end up in hell.” Virtually every politically correct columnist and Twitter activist has come out against the declaration, describing it as “homophobia” and “bigotry.” Today’s Sweden is truly a crazy place.

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