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I had a short story published at Terror House Magazine (Alcohol Drought)

I’ve started working with this newly started lit mag Terror House, with likely book releases of mine to come as well. Their aim is to publish edgy outsider writing, and they’ve embraced the material I’ve got to offer. Today I had a short story published there at, one I’m including here as well.


Alcohol Drought

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Banned from Facebook for merely linking to anti-feminist site

A week ago I found myself banned from Facebook simply for having linked to anti-feminist web site Return of Kings – This social media platform has turned into an instrument of censorship, where one isn’t permitted to express dissenting views without being banned.

This isn’t the first time it happens to me, of course – I’ve been suspended 7-8 times before for simply having publicized the identities of convicted child molesters along with their personal information, something that angers Swedish authorities. What I don’t understand is why Facebook has to suspend me for this. The Internet is supposed to be a bastion of free expression, yet that’s not what it is today, unfortunately.

Below is the message I was faced with on the 23rd this month, the day before Christmas eve – even though though I hadn’t added any provocative wording to the post, and even though the article did nothing more than to advocate traditional gender roles. I got 30 days without being able to even respond to private messages sent to me – an enormous nuisance.

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A few recent radio interviews

I admit I haven’t ended up writing much here lately since I’ve been quite busy with other stuff. But I still figured I should link to a few recent radio interviews I’ve done:

Red Ice Radio, 16 November 2016:


Red Ice Radio, 26 September 2016:

In general I’m happy to go on radio shows where rational and meaningful discussions take place – especially when the shows have got great hosts like Palmgren at Red Ice. So feel free to leave a message in my contact form if you want me on.

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Swedish minister wants to dissolve companies that don’t enforce gender quotas

Companies that don’t have at least 40% percent women on the board of directors shall be liable to be dissolved by the state or forced to pay sizable fines, states Swedish justice minister Morgan Johansson (Social Democrat) to state radio Ekot.

Source: Ministern vill upplösa bolag som inte kvoterar | SvD

Today’s Sweden surely must be the craziest society that ever existed. I mean, can you really top that recipe for bankruptcy, getting all those incompetents board positions? Perhaps that could even top the damage done to the country through unrestrained third-world immigration. Sweden has truly gone off the rockers, that’s for sure. One wonders how long until the country is completely destroyed? 50 years? 10 years? 5?

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Che Guevara was promoted the other day on Swedish state TV children’s program

Che Guevara Tattoo on display on the Swedish state TV

Che Guevara Tattoo on display on the Swedish state TV

Ernesto “Che” Guevara, the infamous communist revolutionary and mass murderer, was promoted on a children’s show the other day. His “claim to fame” is that he murdered thousands of captives during the Cuban revolution and was later killed trying to take over Bolivia as well, but that doesn’t seem to bother the Swedish state TV. Continue reading

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