Petition(s) to support family rights in Sweden, against social services abuses

 These are two parallell petitions I wrote in Swedish and English, on the topic of family rights.

 Let our children go! For a complete overhaul of Swedish family policy

Every year, over 20,000 children are seized by child welfare in Sweden. In a country that is regarded to have come so far in its welfare development, is this really necessary? On average, more than 15,000 children reside in foster care in Sweden, or a little more than 1% of the total underage population. Why this high number?

 Släpp våra barn fria! För en grundläggande reform av svensk familjepolitik

Varje år omhändertas över 20 000 barn i Sverige, eller drygt 1 på 80, av den totala omyndiga befolkningen på strax under två miljoner. I ett land som anser sig ha kommit så långt med sin välfärdsutveckling, ska detta verkligen vara nödvändigt? Medelbeläggningen i samhällsvården brukar vara strax över 15 000. Varför en så hög siffra?

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So Geert Wilders was acquitted today…

Hopefully we can now stop seeing him referred to as a “martyr” in mass media, and instead bring attention to the hundreds upon hundreds of people who have been sentenced to prison for speech offences in Europe the last two decades. Some have had to serve years in prison for simply stating their opinions. It’s quite ironic that instead of these actual victims of persecution, the only one that gets airtime is one who wants to actually ban religious books himself, hence not a champion of freedom of speech and religion at all.

Have a look at if you want to see a number of recent speech prosecutions in Europe – ones you’ve likely not been told about in media.

5-year prison sentences for “hate speech” are not that rare in Europe today, especially not if you happen to offend Jewish organisations.

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Socialism: in the past it was the means of production; today it’s the children

Ever since Karl Marx penned his ideas about the gains that could be made by centralising the means of production some one and a half centuries ago, many a mind have gone to great lengths attempting to prove him right. His ideas saw their first application during the industrialisation of the Soviet Union in the 1930’s, when private ownership of farms and factories was rapidly being dismantled through forced collectivisation. The political leadership had set as its goal transforming the giant agricultural economy into a modern industrial state in the shortest possible time. The number one priority was establishing a strong factory base that would be able to sustain a strong military and catapult the Soviet Union into the superpower status that was required to conquer the planet for Communism.

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A brief guide to Swedish child welfare

Swedish child welfare is often said to be for the children’s sake, often they refer to “the best interests of the child,” yet quite often it doesn’t work that way, but rather becomes a business enterprise instead. This article is meant as a fact sheet for whoever is interested in the darker side of Swedish child welfare.

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Thoughts on the abortion issue by a person raised in a secular society and household

The other day I contemplated the abortion issue and how much a difference in perspective there exists on this topic within the Western world. On the one hand there’s my country of Sweden, with its extremely liberal philosophy; abortion is here considered a natural right for the pregnant woman, and within the political establishment, the support for this way of viewing it is unanimous.

On the other hand, there are parts of America, mainly the south, where abortion is considered murder, and activists often picket clinics in protest. After American abortionist George Tiller was murdered by an activist during the summer of 2009, the Swedish state TV covered the anti-abortion movement.

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