"The Madhouse" now out in print!

The book “The Madhouse: A critical study of Swedish society” can now be bought in print as well, and will soon start appearing in bookstores. It will be listed on Amazon in a couple of days, but it can be bought directly on their site already at https://www.createspace.com/3530396 . A page link has been added to the top of this blog.

http://danielhammarberg.blogspot.com/p/madhouse-critical-study-of-swedish.html is the book page, but in a matter of days, a regular website will be added for my publishing venture, which will act as a hub for everything about my book.

For now, see this video clip of me introducing the book:

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Survey show Swedes have no confidence in politicians or journalists

A recent survey conducted by Reagera Marknadsanalys on behalf of real estate firm Fastighetsbyrån found that Swedes have extremely low confidence in certain professions. Among the lowest were 6% for politicians and 4% for journalists.

The survey took place between 6 and 14 October 2010, and interviewees were 1001 men and women between ages 20 and 74. The object of the survey was to study how comparatively well real estate brokers fared, a profession many people regard with disdain. Listed figures are for the ones people have great confidence for. Car salesmen received the least trust, at 1%. These are the complete figures:

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Guilty until proven innocent

The following story sets a new low watermark for the Swedish justice system. On 13 November 2008, the father of a family living in Gothenburg had picked up his four months old son from his crib when he heard something snap, after which his son burst in tears. It turned out the toddler had broken his arm, and quickly they’re off to the ER, which concludes that the boy will recover. Per government regulation, the health care staff still file a report to the social services about the damage the toddler had suffered in his own home, one they deliver the following day. The same day, the 14th of November, they also make an appointment with specialists to investigate the boy for brittle bones, but this will be over two months into the future.

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Swedish state TV produces documentary in tribute to Wikileaks

This move definitely has me convinced that the Wikileaks effort is no serious grassroots effort at getting at the powers that be – when even state media endorses it. See http://svt.se/2.123489/1.2258209/wikirebels_-_the_documentary?lid=puff_2249257&lpos=extra_0 for an English description of this documentary.

“In less than a year Wikileaks has grown from a rather obscure website to a global political player, shaping world history and events, by revealing secret documents about warcrimes, corporate corruption and shady political backdoor dealings. Over several months a crew from Swedish Television has been following the secretive media network and its work behind the scenes. The result is a one hour feature documentary that tells the story behind the story.”

Personally I believe Wikileaks has been hijacked by Western media that wants more excitement about its reporting.

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Social inheritance: Does it really dictate your life?

There’s a saying in Sweden that goes “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” and this is usually believed to apply to one’s lot in life too. There’s no general belief in the ability of the aspiring individual to through his own effort leave his background behind and climb the social ladder, or to successfully pursue his goals. Instead it has to be the government that enables this class journey, and for it to raise you up, it has to have faith in you in person.

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The censored post on the Swedish social services

As I mentioned earlier today, I was going to write a translated version of the censored article during the next couple of days. Well, I guess I’ve been pretty productive today, finishing both the original article and an English translation. The following text was rejected by supposedly free and open news commentary site newsmill.se.

What are the actual aims of the social care?

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So I’ve been censored

Today I set to work on something I had planned to do the last couple of days – write an article for an online newspaper in Sweden called Newsmill (www.newsmill.se). The topic of the article was the Swedish social services, and my curiosity as to their real aims. The government here has far-reaching goals concerning the development of children, stating as its intentions to make sure everyone gets to enjoy a good childhood. The actual application of state force very much puts these goals in jeopardy, however, which is why I authored this article.

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Government – an infantile parent; data from researchers on the matter

Here I will present a number of interesting quotes and statistics from the evaluation of the Swedish social services. Since this is a topic that could potentially stretch a whole lot longer length than an ordinary blog post, I will limit myself to a single man whose research, even though he’s apparently an ardent believer in the social welfare state, nevertheless has highlighted its many shortcomings. If this data is of interest, there may be follow-ups later on.

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