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Swedish Inmate has sex in Front of Child; Staff Interrupts, Fiancée Files Complaint and Wins

In Sweden,we’ve got a public authority called the Parliamentary Ombudsman (JO is the Swedish acronym), an institution tasked with ensuring that laws are adhered to and that we as citizens can file complaints if some part of the government has stepped on us. People in general don’t make much use of this right as they go about their daily lives, and if they do, they certainly don’t experience the JO as being very accommodating – yet inmates at Swedish prisons sure make up for it. The background for this article was a JO decision I read this morning dated 30 September this year, where a woman had filed a complaint since she felt it had been “disrespectful and offensive” that corrections officers had interrupted her and her inmate boyfriend when they had engaged in sexual intercourse in front of their five-month-old daughter during a conjugal visit. Swedish JO response here.

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Swedish Child Welfare – Tough With the Gentle, Gentle With the Tough

Through an unexpected string of events, Swedish child welfare has recently become a hot topic internationally, with no fewer than three other countries involved in highly publicized child welfare controversies. But first, let’s start off with a domestic matter – vanvårdsutredningen, “The abuse investigation” in English, the inquiry into the excesses children in Swedish foster care had to endure during the mid 20th century, and the financial compensation the victims who suffered this abuse were looking forward to.

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New Details Emerge in Killed Corrections Officer Case – 40+ Blows Landed

The other day I reported on the brutal and lethal attack on a corrections officer that transpired here in Sweden back on Monday. Now the identity of the perpetrator [shown on the right] has been publicly revealed, and the identity of the young woman who was going to be 25 this Wednesday has also become known through word of mouth. Something that might be of interest to Americans is that she has been confirmed as having attended an American university.

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Lax Jail Security Sees Young Female Corrections Officer Killed in Sweden

Last June, this 25-year-woman, whose identity has not yet been revealed to mass media, started work at Huddinge jail as a corrections officer. During her morning shift this Monday, she was jumped and bludgeoned to death with her own nightstick by a 30-year-old man with a history of violent crime, as he was being booked for attempted murder. The bloody assault took place on the roof of Huddinge jail at around 10.30 AM, when she was alone with the repeat offender during an outdoor walk.

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Swedish Gun Laws and Globalist Confiscation Schemes

While not much of significance has taken place lately on the gun front since the Brady bill was passed back in 1993, now a new threat looms on the horizon – but this time its origin isn’t at the usual Capitol Hill, but at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

The Knotted gun” sculpture outside the UN Headquarters, by Swedish artist Fredrik Reuterswärd.
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Manifesto of Anders Behring Breivik, not very Christian at all, he even buys hookers

Although some have claimed that  the killer was a Christian, and he did indeed claim to be one, his manifesto speaks for itself on this matter. He obviously cares little about Jesus or Christianity, merely using this as a facade for his hostility towards Islam. This is a count of some of the words used in his eight hundred thousand word manifesto (get it at this link):

Jesus – 62 times
Muslim – 1921 times
Muslims – 1724 times
Islam – 1480 times
Islamic – 1405 times
Allah –  301 times
Jihad – 427 times
Jihadist – 30 times
Islamist – 50 times

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Petition(s) to support family rights in Sweden, against social services abuses

 These are two parallell petitions I wrote in Swedish and English, on the topic of family rights.

 Let our children go! For a complete overhaul of Swedish family policy

Every year, over 20,000 children are seized by child welfare in Sweden. In a country that is regarded to have come so far in its welfare development, is this really necessary? On average, more than 15,000 children reside in foster care in Sweden, or a little more than 1% of the total underage population. Why this high number?

 Släpp våra barn fria! För en grundläggande reform av svensk familjepolitik

Varje år omhändertas över 20 000 barn i Sverige, eller drygt 1 på 80, av den totala omyndiga befolkningen på strax under två miljoner. I ett land som anser sig ha kommit så långt med sin välfärdsutveckling, ska detta verkligen vara nödvändigt? Medelbeläggningen i samhällsvården brukar vara strax över 15 000. Varför en så hög siffra?

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So Geert Wilders was acquitted today…

Hopefully we can now stop seeing him referred to as a “martyr” in mass media, and instead bring attention to the hundreds upon hundreds of people who have been sentenced to prison for speech offences in Europe the last two decades. Some have had to serve years in prison for simply stating their opinions. It’s quite ironic that instead of these actual victims of persecution, the only one that gets airtime is one who wants to actually ban religious books himself, hence not a champion of freedom of speech and religion at all.

Have a look at if you want to see a number of recent speech prosecutions in Europe – ones you’ve likely not been told about in media.

5-year prison sentences for “hate speech” are not that rare in Europe today, especially not if you happen to offend Jewish organisations.

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