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Screwupistan in action – satire on the inherent dysfunctionality of government

(an excerpt from the book “The Madhouse” by yours truly, available at

Naturally, when government fails in an area, the ones in charge call for more funds, essentially making failure the optimal business plan. The practical application of the broken window fallacy becomes both to identify functional things as broken, and make sure the work that’s supposedly aimed at restoring them, rather keeps them broken. Big government is to society what cancer is to the human body – it only devours functional tissue, it can’t solve anything or even support itself, but dependent on healthy tissue upon which it attaches itself like a parasite.

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Sweden and its gun laws… soon coming to you through the UN

As if the gun laws that are in place in Sweden aren’t bad enough, now the politicians are in the process of making them even worse. To summarize the state of things now, these are a couple of facts about the Swedish weapons law (vapenlagen):

  • * You need to state the specific purpose for which you need a weapon, and the government has to approve of the purpose and the intended weapon.
  •  You need to register as a gun owner and have all your guns individually registered.
  • The government can revoke your permit at any time without having to state a reason, and you have to allow the police access to the specially regulated storage locker you keep your weapons in at any time.
  • Handguns are almost impossible to get permits for, and you have to be a member of a sports club and be an elite athlete. Any kind of automatic weapon is impossible to own unless you’re in the military.
  • If the police finds you in possession of a loaded firearm of any kind, you’re facing a minimum of six months in prison, quite a long sentence in the Swedish penal system.
  • Even simple pepper sprays require permits that are almost impossible to get.
  • A history of psychiatric treatment may very well make it impossible for you to get any kind of a permit.

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LGBT madness in Sweden

The new Swedish parliamentary session brings more insanity than ever before.. In the last two weeks, Swedish members of parliament have filed no less than 17 bills addressing gay rights, bringing the total filed the last eight years to 96 – at least that’s the number with the term “LGBT” in the title.

Use this URL to see the bills for yourself:

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"The world’s best country"

… because its own government says so.

I mean, what can you say about a country whose state TV even has a running show called Världens modernaste land, “The world’s most modern country?” A country that since 1945 has had a government propaganda agency called the Swedish Institute, with a yearly budget of $30 million, with one of its stated goals being to “within the framework of public diplomacy create an interest and confidence in Sweden along with continously evaluating Sweden’s image abroad.” A country that for the last half a century has thrown out accusations of human rights abuses against just about the whole world; as one British writer put it – “Internationally, Sweden is known for its main export being unsolicited advice.”

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Pardon me if I rant about the Swedish state TV, but..

… this is just outrageous. When this state TV is tonight airing a feature on yesterday’s “Rally to restore sanity,” intentionally hyping it, I decided to see how they had portrayed the American tea party movement and its rallies. I don’t watch the state TV very often these days and prefer to at most watch the clips afterwards to document the bias.

As can be seen at , they had a correspondent at Stewart’s rally attending it, and tonight they will give more extensive coverage.

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But you can read Kindle books!

A couple of people have approached me and asked if there’s a way to get my book on something else than the Kindle format. It’s definitely in this book’s future being put into print, I’ll get to it as soon as I have enough endorsements to put on the covers so that it doesn’t appear too naked. I might look into other ways of distributing it in digital form as well. But for now though it’s only available in Kindle format, that’s not quite as limiting as it might seem. Amazon makes the Kindle reader software available on many different platforms – you can read these books on your PC, your iPhone, your Mac, your Blackberry, your iPad or your Android cell phone. To download books for your particular device, simply register it on your Amazon account and choose to deliver the purchase there. provides specific guides on how to do this for each of the devices.

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The Domenic Johansson custody case

It’s astonishing what a complete media blackout there is in Sweden on this matter. Though a large number of major international media players have covered the story, including independent news site WorldNetDaily, the Christian Broadcasting Network, the Alliance Defense Fund and the Home School Legal Defense Association, along with countless bloggers on the net, not a single newspaper in Sweden has done so. I just now performed a search on the Swedish search engine Mediearkivet, which includes just about everything printed in Sweden, and the only hits for either “Dominic Johansson” or “Domenic Johansson” were from a couple of blogs, apart from somewhat renegade Christian news site, owned by the Swedish church Livets Ord and considered fringe media in this society. Not a single printed newspaper, and no other online news site than this one.

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