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An excerpt from my book "The Madhouse"

The County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen)… and my cats

The authorities must love me for some reason. During the first week of August of 2010, my half-sister dumped her cats on me since she was going to be ‘preoccupied’ during the next couple of months. I like cats, so that’s no problem – I get her litter box and buy some cat food and sand, expecting care-free temporary ownership of these cats, cuddling them a bit now and then and keeping them fed. I don’t like having my night’s sleep disturbed, however, so when I go to bed I lure them outside and place the food bowls there, then locking the balcony door. My apartment is on the ground floor, and the cats can run out freely through a hole in the balcony, hence it seems just fine in my eyes. Sometimes the cat meow a little when I leave them outside, but I figure this might be a good opportunity for them to go catch rats or something.

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Social networking overload… And the process of writing a book

A week ago I finished writing a book that I’m now promoting, and for that reason I decided to seriously enter the world of social networking, having up until this point shunned the idea. I mean, I’m not a very social person, and when I read on Facebook about someone taking their dog for a walk, my only thought is “what the hell do I care about that?”

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