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Feminists at the Swedish state radio make fun of the suicides of famous male authors – Daniel Hammarberg

Feminists at the Swedish state radio make fun of the suicides of famous male authors – Daniel Hammarberg

state_radio_feminismThe Swedish state radio is infamous for its provocative feminist stunts. This reached new heights back on Monday when a list was published that celebrated the suicide deaths of a number of famous male authors, a list that has since been taken down after it sparked massive criticism. Google still has a cached version of it though.

The list that was published two days ago on the Swedish Radio website certainly has attracted controversy. A Swedish blog discussing it features lively debate, with people expressing their outrage over the fact that feminists gloated over the suicides of such authors as Leo Tolstoy, Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Allan Poe, Yukio Mishima and Jack London. It’s a Western custom that you’re not meant to voice your antipathy towards deceased individuals, but feminists are obviously not playing by such rules. No, they can never contain their hatred, and take any opportunity to stir up trouble whenever they can. But the question is, haven’t they overreached with this move? Them eventually taking down the list after the criticism it evoked just might indicate that they’ve realized so themselves.

Here are a few excerpts of their comments, from a list entitled “Offended male authors who were so offended that they killed themselves”:


Celebrity status: has written a million trillion books and gotten among other things the Nobel peace prize but chose to shoot himself in the head with a shotgun.

Reason: Tired of life

Heroic suicide scale 1-10: 0. Since Hemingway was so really bad simply at dying. After having survived not one but TWO airplane crashes, major depressions, major alcoholism and electro shocks Hemingway felt it was time to shoot himself.

Then they go on mocking the deaths of ten other authors. These feminists certainly don’t value the lives of men. Earlier this year a boy (some would say a young man) by the name of Lucas Hertzman, a very active member of FEMEN, who stood side by side with female feminists protesting the “patriarchy,” killed himself. Even though word of his suicide quickly spread around the net, no mention of it was made in establishment media. He was one of those LGBTQ individuals too, someone you’d take for granted that they would memorialize. But there was a problem – he didn’t kill himself due to Christians or any homophobic bullying; no, judging by his Twitter posts, he killed himself because of feminist bullying! You’d never hear that in the politically conformist tabloids though.

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