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Pardon me if I rant about the Swedish state TV, but.. – Daniel Hammarberg

Pardon me if I rant about the Swedish state TV, but.. – Daniel Hammarberg

… this is just outrageous. When this state TV is tonight airing a feature on yesterday’s “Rally to restore sanity,” intentionally hyping it, I decided to see how they had portrayed the American tea party movement and its rallies. I don’t watch the state TV very often these days and prefer to at most watch the clips afterwards to document the bias.

As can be seen at , they had a correspondent at Stewart’s rally attending it, and tonight they will give more extensive coverage.

Naturally they also cover that Obama was on Stewart’s show – surely that’s important news for Swedish viewers:

They sure have bad blood for the tea party movement on the other hand.

“In just two years the number of right-wing armed militias in the USA has quadrupled, the civil rights organization Anti-Defamation League estimates. The about 200 militias are believed to have upwards of 6’000 members, ready take up arms against the government.”


“Arguments for the right-wing militias:

[some cut]

“The election of Barack Obama as president. The right-wing sees him as a socialist that will increase the power of the government, raise taxes and take people’s guns. That he’s also black intensifies the fear.”

“In some media circles, the theories on reduced civil rights are fueled, and on the Internet in particular claims are disseminated that the government plans to build internment camps for American citizens in times of emergency, or to create a new world order. Such theories, crazy as they may be, have a lot of supporters in the USA.”

“-We’re beginning to see how the reasoning of the far-right is infiltrating the Republicans, says Robert Churchill, who’s written a book on the influence of militias on politics, To shake their guns in the tyrant’s face.

Today many of the militias appear as the armed branch of an ever larger popular extreme right, among which the so called Tea Party movement, with former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin as one of its leaders, assumes a prominent role.”

“They demand a heavy fiscal restraint and lower taxes. Sometimes they’re so extreme that the Democrats hope they will scare away Republican voters.”

“The ultra-conservative Tea Party movement in the USA won a landslide victory in the primaries before the congress elections this November.”

“In New York as well, the ultra-conservatives won”

“O’Donnell a new conservative beacon

In just a few weeks she’s become perhaps the most radiant profile of the Republicans.

Many people giggle at her background and radical views, but Tea Party-supported senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell may come to play an important role in the American midterm elections this November.”

(A number of paragraphs cut where the state TV quotes all the dirt on her they can)

“But she can still come to play an important role for the Republicans, either as a ‘middle class alibi,’ since the party has traditionally aligned itself with the affluent, or as a sinker and cautionary conservative example for the mainstream voters everyone wants.”

I’m not entirely sure what they meant by that last clause.

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