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Opinion Pieces – English and Swedish



Socialtjänsten – en totalitär maktapparat


Världen idag

Vad är målet för samhällsvården?


American Daily Herald

Swedish Gun Laws and Globalist Confiscation Schemes



Myndigheternas vanvård av barn pågår än i dag



Varför vi nu måste lära oss av amerikansk kriminalvård


American Daily Herald

Swedish Child Welfare – Tough With the Gentle, Gentle With the Tough


American Daily Herald

Sweden’s Largest Tabloid Does Hit Piece on Joe Arpaio Which Backfires


Nätverket Stoppa pedofilerna

Sveriges och USA:s sätt att handskas med pedofiler; en jämförelse



Upprättelseceremonin visar att vanvården lär fortsätta



I feminismens Sverige har mansrollen bannlysts

Longer Blog Articles (Opinion Pieces or Fact Sheets)


The politically incorrect guide to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

This dreaded convention is the next big thing in the realm of global governance, being used to replace the biological parents with the state as the primary caretaker of children. Here I will highlight certain articles of this convention that are of particular concern.


The Swedish Apartheid

Imagine the government arbitrarily slapping certain psychiatric labels like ADHD, autism etc, on people and then restricting their civil rights based on this labelling; this is exactly what goes on in today’s Sweden.


Government – an infantile parent; data from researchers on the matter

Sociologists often try to convince you that it’s society’s duty to save people from their circumstances, and that one can prevent troubled youth from becoming adult criminals through preventive efforts. Yet is there any evidence?


What are the actual aims of the social care?

An article about the Swedish social services and certain questions the Domenic case made me ask myself. When I tried to post it on the Swedish user news site Newsmill, I found myself censored.


Social inheritance: Does it really dictate your life?

There’s a saying in Sweden that goes “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Does this mean that if you start out poor in life, you can’t make it without the government’s help?


Thoughts on the abortion issue by a person raised in a secular society and household

The other day I contemplated the abortion issue and how much a difference in perspective that exists on this topic within the Western world. Here I condensed my thoughts into roughly five book pages.


A brief guide to Swedish child welfare

Swedish child welfare is often said to be for the children’s sake, often they refer to “the best interests of the child,” yet quite often it doesn’t work that way, but rather becomes a business enterprise instead. This article is meant as a fact sheet for whoever is interested in the darker side of Swedish child welfare.


Socialism: In the past it was the means of production; today it’s the children

An article where I argue that the Marxists in power have left the attempts to socialize the means of production behind, and are instead aiming for the children.