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Sweden’s Largest Tabloid Does Hit Piece on Joe Arpaio Which Backfires

Even in liberal Sweden, Joe Arpaio is The Man.
At least that’s the impression you get from reading the comments to tabloid Aftonbladet’s hit piece this Thursday on Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, Sweden’s largest periodical. The article is part of a tour of America two reporters at the newspaper are doing called Amerika på dekis, “America Down & Out.” To quote the stated intention of the article series at amerika.aftonbladet.se: “Peter Kadhammar and Urban Andersson are traveling across the American continent for two weeks. They will cover the American crisis which may be the end of an historic era, the American century.”

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Thoughts on the abortion issue by a person raised in a secular society and household

The other day I contemplated the abortion issue and how much a difference in perspective there exists on this topic within the Western world. On the one hand there’s my country of Sweden, with its extremely liberal philosophy; abortion is here considered a natural right for the pregnant woman, and within the political establishment, the support for this way of viewing it is unanimous.

On the other hand, there are parts of America, mainly the south, where abortion is considered murder, and activists often picket clinics in protest. After American abortionist George Tiller was murdered by an activist during the summer of 2009, the Swedish state TV covered the anti-abortion movement. http://svt.se/2.22584/1.1647631/striden_om_abortratten_trappas_upp

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