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Banned from Facebook for merely linking to anti-feminist site

A week ago I found myself banned from Facebook simply for having linked to anti-feminist web site Return of Kings – http://returnofkings.com/ This social media platform has turned into an instrument of censorship, where one isn’t permitted to express dissenting views without being banned.

This isn’t the first time it happens to me, of course – I’ve been suspended 7-8 times before for simply having publicized the identities of convicted child molesters along with their personal information, something that angers Swedish authorities. What I don’t understand is why Facebook has to suspend me for this. The Internet is supposed to be a bastion of free expression, yet that’s not what it is today, unfortunately.

Below is the message I was faced with on the 23rd this month, the day before Christmas eve – even though though I hadn’t added any provocative wording to the post, and even though the article did nothing more than to advocate traditional gender roles. I got 30 days without being able to even respond to private messages sent to me – an enormous nuisance.

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45-year-old man in Sweden fired from his job and prosecuted for personal letter to his landlord

Apparently in today’s Sweden, you have to watch your language even in private letters to public-owned companies. A 45-year-old man wrote derogatorily about immigrants in e-mail to his landlord after they’ve annoyed him on the yard outside his apartment. Then he lost both his job and was charged with agitation against ethnic group (“hets mot folkgrupp”), with the prosecutor calling for “a couple of months in prison” for him. Was the Soviet union ever this bad? http://www.dt.se/brottsplats/1.5604929-hotas-av-fangelse-for-hets-mot-folkgrupp

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European Court of Human Rights Affirms Sweden’s Right to Punish Speech Offenders

This Thursday, the ECHR delivered the verdict in a hate speech case that was appealed to it five years ago, back on 4 January 2007. In December of 2004, seven young men were distributing leaflets about homosexuality at high school Staffanskolan in the small Swedish town of Söderhamn. The message on these leaflets was critical of the way homosexuality was presented in Swedish education and called for a debate on the topic. To quote the portion of leaflet later charged to be hate speech: (My translation) Continue reading

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The censored post on the Swedish social services

As I mentioned earlier today, I was going to write a translated version of the censored article during the next couple of days. Well, I guess I’ve been pretty productive today, finishing both the original article and an English translation. The following text was rejected by supposedly free and open news commentary site newsmill.se.

What are the actual aims of the social care?

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So I’ve been censored

Today I set to work on something I had planned to do the last couple of days – write an article for an online newspaper in Sweden called Newsmill (www.newsmill.se). The topic of the article was the Swedish social services, and my curiosity as to their real aims. The government here has far-reaching goals concerning the development of children, stating as its intentions to make sure everyone gets to enjoy a good childhood. The actual application of state force very much puts these goals in jeopardy, however, which is why I authored this article.

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