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Che Guevara was promoted the other day on Swedish state TV children’s program

Che Guevara Tattoo on display on the Swedish state TV

Che Guevara Tattoo on display on the Swedish state TV

Ernesto “Che” Guevara, the infamous communist revolutionary and mass murderer, was promoted on a children’s show the other day. His “claim to fame” is that he murdered thousands of captives during the Cuban revolution and was later killed trying to take over Bolivia as well, but that doesn’t seem to bother the Swedish state TV. Continue reading

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Swedish state TV aired video clip consisting of genitalia during children’s program

A video clip from a children's program on the Swedish state TV featuring a male and a female genitalia

A video clip from a children’s program on the Swedish state TV featuring a male and a female genitalia

So-called “public service” in Sweden, this time in the form of state TV Sveriges Television, really seems to be on a crusade to stamp out any morality left in society. Or simply to recover from the slump in TV ratings that their usually pro-communist programming has had to deal with through creating controversy. Continue reading

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Swedish state TV produces documentary in tribute to Wikileaks

This move definitely has me convinced that the Wikileaks effort is no serious grassroots effort at getting at the powers that be – when even state media endorses it. See http://svt.se/2.123489/1.2258209/wikirebels_-_the_documentary?lid=puff_2249257&lpos=extra_0 for an English description of this documentary.

“In less than a year Wikileaks has grown from a rather obscure website to a global political player, shaping world history and events, by revealing secret documents about warcrimes, corporate corruption and shady political backdoor dealings. Over several months a crew from Swedish Television has been following the secretive media network and its work behind the scenes. The result is a one hour feature documentary that tells the story behind the story.”

Personally I believe Wikileaks has been hijacked by Western media that wants more excitement about its reporting.

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Pardon me if I rant about the Swedish state TV, but..

… this is just outrageous. When this state TV is tonight airing a feature on yesterday’s “Rally to restore sanity,” intentionally hyping it, I decided to see how they had portrayed the American tea party movement and its rallies. I don’t watch the state TV very often these days and prefer to at most watch the clips afterwards to document the bias.

As can be seen at http://svt.se/2.22584/1.2218277/tv_stjarna_samlade_unga_valjare , they had a correspondent at Stewart’s rally attending it, and tonight they will give more extensive coverage.

Continue reading

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