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"The world's best country" – Daniel Hammarberg

"The world's best country" – Daniel Hammarberg

… because its own government says so.

I mean, what can you say about a country whose state TV even has a running show called Världens modernaste land, “The world’s most modern country?” A country that since 1945 has had a government propaganda agency called the Swedish Institute, with a yearly budget of $30 million, with one of its stated goals being to “within the framework of public diplomacy create an interest and confidence in Sweden along with continously evaluating Sweden’s image abroad.” A country that for the last half a century has thrown out accusations of human rights abuses against just about the whole world; as one British writer put it – “Internationally, Sweden is known for its main export being unsolicited advice.”

The other year, an organization connected to the United Nations called The Institute for Economics and Peace started to publish something called the Global Peace Index, a statistic said to measure how peaceful countries are. It joined other dubious statistics such as the Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders in presenting Socialist European states as success stories, while the USA is pretty much portrayed as a failed state. In the PFI, Sweden is ranked #1 in spite of laws criminalizing ‘hate speech,’ while the USA in 2007 was ranked #48 in spite of probably being the only country in the world where the government is completely unable to imprison its citizens over political speech.

Just as in the so-called “Press Freedom Index,” in the Global Peace Index, Sweden is ranked very high as well, #10 out of 149 countries in 2010. The USA is #85 this year. In 2007, the index gave an even larger difference – Sweden ranked #7 out of 121 countries, while the USA was at #96, beaten by such countries as Cuba at #59, China at #60, Mexico at #79 and crime-ridden Brazil at #83.

The value of the Global Peace Index was quickly endorsed by such men as CNN head Ted Turner, former President Jimmy Carter and former U.N. general secretary Kofi Annan. Endorsements by globalists and left-wing sympathizers make you a bit curious why the index is portraying the USA in such an unfavourable light – could it simply be because of an inherent anti-American bias in the index? Among the listed ‘peace indicators’ in the index are these:

  • Security officers & police – the fewer per population, the better ranking. Hence a country with no police force at all would be ideal.
  • Military expenditure – the less, the better ranking. Of course you’ll have peace if you dismantle your military, everyone knows that.
  • Military capability/sophistication – the worse, the better ranking.
  • UN Peacekeeping Funding – if you’re late paying your dues to the U.N., you lose ranking here. Now who would have guessed that the U.N. would favour an index containing such a post?
  • Access to weapons – the more disarmed the population is, the better ranking. 9 out of 10 dictators agree with this one.
  • Jailed Population – the more criminals locked up, the worse ranking. Of course it’s good if the murderers and rapists are out in the streets killing and raping people.

When taking into consideration just what the index is made up of, it’s no wonder Sweden ranks high – the country has nearly dismantled its military and severely hampered its law enforcement, while gun laws are very restrictive.

As of 7 July 2010, one of the indicators is “Potential for terriorist[sic] acts.” Now who can dispute that they must have done a good job with the index when there’s even a typo in there?

Well, enough of these globalist indexes praising Socialist countries. Will you let the likes of Ted Turner, Jimmy Carter and Kofi Annan claim that Sweden is a much better country than the USA – that the USA is indeed one of the worst countries in the world? Or will you learn from this book what really hides behind the facade of the supposedly successful Socialist utopia? By reading this book, you’ll learn just why Sweden has such a need of coming up with development indexes such as these – it’s because of the simple fact that Sweden isn’t a good country to live in.

To paraphrase American Socialist Lincoln Steffens: I have been over to the future of American society, and it doesn’t work.

This is the introduction to newly released book “The Madhouse” by Daniel Hammarberg. To get the book for yourself, make a stop at the Amazon page for The Madhouse now.

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